The Fit 4 Life Women's Program


Helping women over 40 prepare for and conquer menopause by losing weight, stopping emotional eating and breaking free from yo-yo dieting!

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  • You're unable to lose weight no matter what you do (HIIT, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, etc)


  • You manage to lose some weight, but it rebounds back even faster than before

  • You’re always low on energy and constantly fatigued

  • You lose motivation easily because you don't see results fast enough

  • You consistently crave food and find it difficult to control your snacking, resulting in binge eating episodes

  • You don’t have enough energy to balance between family and work

If any of the above sound familiar, then the Fit 4 Life Women's Coaching Program is designed specifically to help YOU!

You're in the right place...

In the Fit 4 Life Women's Programme, we have:

  • Re-designed bodies so our trainees can burn all their stubborn fat

  • Toned, shaped and sculpted bodies without entering a gym if you don’t want to

  • Managed fatigue, anxiety, brain fog and even helped alleviate some symptoms of depression

  • Most importantly our clients have learned how to manage their weight for the rest of their lives without sacrificing their favourite foods or social lives

Some of our member's results...

Why women over 40 struggle with losing weight & a slow metabolism...


Let us introduce you to the 3 Crucial Pillars of a Sustainable, Healthy, and Effective Body Transformation

Pillar #1


Start a training program that perfectly balances technique, volume and intensity

Pillar #2


Personalized meal plans that will fuel you in a healthy and non-restrictive way

Pillar #3


Stay accountable and on the right track through genuine connections

Our “Three-Pillar” approach to tackling your fitness goals has got you covered on all fronts. Just like a three-legged stool, kick one leg out from underneath, and you’ll fall right on your butt. But we won’t let you down! Our Program will not only give you the stability you need on your fitness journey but maximize your success!

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This Is How We Help You Succeed

Let us introduce you to the 3 Crucial Pillars of a Sustainable, Healthy, and Effective Body Transformation:

Pillar #1


Start a training program that perfectly balances technique, volume and intensity

Pillar #2


Personalized meal plans that will fuel you in a healthy and non-restrictive way

Pillar #3


Stay accountable and on the right track through genuine connections

Reason #1: Doing Restrictive Diets!

When most women try to lose weight, the first thing they usually do is try to "eat clean".

Whether it's cutting out carbs completely, or fasting for a large portion of the day, most of us dive straight into making big, drastic and unnecessary changes.

While the results often come fast in the first week, they quickly stop and plateau out. In addition, most women never make it more than 2 weeks into the diet before caving in to their cravings.

This misconception of only eating "clean" or following some strict diet protocol because "carbs are bad for you" is one of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to nutrition.

It makes you constantly feel like you're suffering and missing out on all sorts of social events, making you hate the process even more.

To date, the research done on "clean" eating protocols has shown that over 90% of individuals who lost weight via restrictive diets ultimately regained all the weight they lost and more. Sound familiar?

What's the solution?

Learning how to adopt a flexible eating protocol that is unique to you and your schedule is the answer.

That's exactly what I've built the Fit 4 Life Women's programme principles on.

It never fails to amaze trainees how much more effective their weight loss is when they are able to incorporate their favourite foods like ice cream, burgers and many other foods like these into their diet while still losing weight!

Reason #2: Not doing the right type of exercise!

Crazy as it may seem, exercising intensely can mess you up, especially if you're doing so together with a crazy restrictive diet!

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes I've seen clients make is burning out on exercise within the first 2 weeks.

This often comes from the misconception that you NEED to exercise to burn calories and lose weight.

However, this is not the case. In fact, exercising for the purpose of burning calories is the biggest waste of time for the average person trying to lose weight!

Why is this so?

This is because exercising doesn't burn as many calories as you think it does, despite what those calorie counting apps and watches might have you think (which are all highly inaccurate anyway).

To make things worse, many of the women we talk to already have super packed schedules and are already low in energy, so doing more intense exercise is sometimes just not practical.

In fact, when your body is overly stressed, more exercise is probably the last thing you want to do.

In the Fit 4 Life programme, we will take a close look at your current lifestyle and schedule, and use that to determine just how much exercise you really need to do. Hint: It's often much less than you think.

In addition, if you have time for workouts, your workouts will be time efficient, specific and targeted for one purpose -

getting you stronger and moving better in as little time as possible!

This helps you improve energy levels, makes you feel good, and gets you more results in less time!

Hear our amazing graduates share their results and experiences..

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Here's what you'll get during our time together...

Here are some of the key elements in the coaching program that are designed to give you the most complete support throughout your transformation journey for maximum results:

Initial Assessment & On-Boarding Call

Once you've signed up for your membership account, you'll schedule in your on-boarding call.

This is an important 30 min phone call in which we go into the specifics of YOUR personalized plan.

In this call, we also help you set clear goals for the next 16 weeks, so that you will know what to expect in your journey.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

When you sign up, your coach will put together your personalized nutrition plan and meal planner that fits around your lifestyle.

It will feature your favorite foods and support links to various recipes ranging from simple to cook healthy meals, to no-cooking-required meal prep!


This plan will then be adjusted weekly based upon your feedback so that you can keep progressing forward!

Simplified Data Tracking & Easy-to-understand Progress Reports

As the saying goes, what doesn't get tracked, doesn't progress.


With our easy to use mobile app, you'll be able to easily track simple but important data metrics (eg. weight, waist measurement, sleep, etc).

With this, our coaches can easily review your progress and let you know the simple adjustments to make weekly to supercharge you to your goals!

Personalized Exercise Programs (Home & Gym Based)

After conducting a movement assessment and medical clearance (during your on-boarding call), your coach will be building out your personalized workout program.

To ensure safety, the coach will also be doing movement analysis and technique feedbacks to make sure you're doing the exercises safely and correctly.

The program will be suited to your specific body and goals. It will take into account your current competency and exercise preferences, as well as available workout equipment (home or gym based).

Weekly Task Lists and Bonus Modules

In the app, your weekly tasks will be laid out for easy reference and implementation. These are intentionally kept simple so that time commitment is not an issue.

Weekly there will be Live Q&As to answer any questions regarding training, nutrition & mindset!

We also have additional bonus modules and courses that will help you address any specific problems you may face in your fitness journey.

Daily Text Support & 1-1 Coaching Mindset Calls

One of the main things that makes this program so successful is our unparalleled support system.

Aside from daily text support through the app messenger, you also get 1-1 Coaching Mindset Calls.

This is where we will dive deep into your weekly results, discuss the specific challenges you're facing, and set your specific goals to help you the upcoming weeks.

These calls are incredible powerful and serve as your chance to clarify your doubts and adjust your plans to stay on track regardless of whatever disruptions might come your way!

Private VIP Facebook Coaching Groups

This is the place you can share new breakthroughs, frustrations and anything in-between.

We also do weekly live Q&As, as well as bonus trainings to help you tackle any problems you might encounter.

All past and present call recordings are saved here as well, so don't panic if you miss a live session!

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A note from the Founder & Head Coach...

Get Support From Experts And Fellow Hard-Workers

When you're all by yourself, it’s easier to give in to temptation and tap out. Accountability is a proven key factor in sticking to a long-term commitment. Sharing your goals and celebrating milestones with each other will create long-lasting friendships built on sweat and encouragement.

  • We are invested in your health and positive growth! We want to see you succeed!
  • We will show you the right attitude and mentality you need to maintain your discipline at home and in the gym.
  • Our staff is ready to jump to your aid whenever you need it!
  • Just like a tree is sturdier the more roots it has, so will your investment in yourself be stronger with the proper support system around it!

Hey there!

My name is Twain and I founded Fit 4 Life with the hope of helping as many men and women transform their lives for the better through the power of fitness.

With the Women's Coaching Program, the aim is to help women over 40 age gracefully and claim back their health & fitness.

Through this, we help them unlock a whole new lease on life for themselves, at time when many of their peers are resigning themselves to circumstances and giving up on their fitness dreams.


It doesn’t matter what you have gone through or how much failure you’ve had in the past. This program was developed precisely to help people like you get out of the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting.

I have been doing fitness coaching since 2009 and have been working primarily with women over 40 since 2019.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, I would love the honour to help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to working with you!

Come join us in the program!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is it you do again?

We teach women with slow metabolisms and hormonal imbalances how to lose weight and keep it off with our Fit 4 Life Women's Program!

For a program to be successful, it needs to be:

1. Effective,

2. Fun,

3. Provides you with loads of Support!

Together, we will help you create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll lose weight, but more importantly, learn how to keep it off for the rest of your life.

 What exactly do you help women with?

We help with:

  • ​A personalized nutrition approach

  • ​A personalized workout plan

  • ​Keeping you accountable

  • ​Developing your success habits

  • Overcoming emotional eating patterns

  • ​Improving your enjoyment & mindset approach to fitness

  • ​Ongoing support in the form of Weekly check-ins, Messenger support & 1-1 Coaching Calls to help keep you on track and motivated

  • ​Access to our members only Health & Fitness App

  • Ultimately, developing YOUR system for long-term, sustainable results!

 Who does this work for?

If you are a...

  • ​Woman going through peri-menopause and experiencing a low metabolism

  • Woman who has some hormonal imbalances

  • Woman who is time poor or have erratic schedules

  • Woman with a risk of heart disease or type 2 diabetes

  • Woman with high blood pressure

  • Woman with autoimmune disease

  • Woman with a poor relationship with food

Is this a gym studio?

No, this is purely an online coaching program, and you do not need to arrange a timing out of your busy schedule to meet a trainer to get in your workout.

How much does the program cost?

Program price is going to differ for every client we work with depending on total duration and support levels required. If it wasn't, then we wouldn't be able to provide clients the results we deliver.

That being said, we have various packages and tiers, and our payment plans start at $250 a month.

Do note that this is a 1-1 coaching program and we tailor everything to the client, so we will try to find out more first before seeing if you will be a good fit for the program.

The best way for you to find out more is to book in a first consult with us. It only takes 10 mins and we will be better able to see if the program would be a fit for you!

How is this different from Personal Training?

This might sound like semantics... but there is a big difference between the traditional Personal Training model and the Coaching model.

Whether you choose a Personal Trainer or Coach can often be make-or-break when it comes to getting long-lasting results.

Ultimately, it boils down to whether you want:

  1. A complete program to help you achieve your goals, or

  2. A great workout


A PERSONAL TRAINER will put together workouts for you and guide you through them, counting your reps and correcting your form. A trainer will also provide encouragement to push you through your workouts – “great job!” “you can do it!” “awesome!”


And that’s fantastic – if that’s all you want.*

BUT... a COACH will do all of that, PLUS provide you with guidance that reaches far beyond your workouts.

This can include accountability, support for building a healthy lifestyle, self-development and mindset coaching, and all the "extras" you need to create real shifts and lasting RESULTS in your life.

This is the real power of this online training model - the ability to have the coach with you guiding every aspect of your journey instead of just being there with you 2 hours a week in the gym.

At the FIT 4 LIFE program, we’re proud to adopt a coaching approach and offer a complete program that covers nutrition, exercise & habit formation that helps women lose weight, stop emotional eating and break free from yo-yo dieting!

*An important note:

Personal Training is suitable for some people and not everybody will be right for an online coaching program like Fit 4 Life, which is why we HAVE to do our qualifying calls so we can see if you are a good fit for the program, as well as help you determine what is best for you.

Don't let things stay the same!

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